YACOUB  YOUSUF Al MUNAYAE & PARTNERS, Lawyers & International Legal Consultants  , possess a vast heritage of legal knowledge , expertise and professionalism in the State Of Kuwait and Over seas with regard to International Commercial Laws in the context of  the ever widening business environment .


Our Law firms is one of the leading law firms in GCC with regards to Islamic investment Transaction we actively participated as legal council in Multi-National Islamic Investment Transactions such as: 

 1 Commercial Real Estate Sukuk Company (CRC) transaction in the amount of $100,000,000 Variable Semi Annual Return Islamic Leasing Secures  Issue (Ijra SUKUK TRANSACTION). Dated  20005. 

 2 Lagoon City Sukuk Company Limited transaction in the amount of $200.000,000 Semi Annual Return, Islamic (MUSHARAKA Sukuk TRANSACTION). Dated 2006.


In addition to having our office networked all over the Middle East, India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , and Bangladesh , we have our legal associates offices in Europe and the United States. 

Foreign Investment , Joint Venture , Merger & Acquisitions,

Laws Of Execution and Debt Collection ,

Intellectual Property Laws ( Copy Right , Patents & Trade Mark)

Corporate Laws  (Formation & Structure)

Labor Laws,

Contract Laws ,

Arbitration & Reconciliation Laws ,

Bankruptcy , Insolvency & Money Laundering Laws ,

Banking & Finance Laws,

Insurance Laws,

International Trade & Public Finance Laws,

Import / Export & Custom Laws ,

Personal Laws,

Taxation Laws & Procedures ,

Criminal & Civil Laws ,

Aviation & Maritime Laws etc.





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